I was one of the few fortunate ones, to get a free education. Nearly 90% of my education was free. Unlike what many of you must be thinking, free does not necessarily mean inferior, just as paid does not necessarily mean superior.

The best things in my life have always been free. My happiness, my laughter, my smile, my joy, my sorrow, my anguish, my tears, my love, my successes, my failures, my relatives, my friends, my country, my city, my thoughts, my words, my heart, my soul.

You must be wondering how most of these things can be free. Specially when we live in a world that is always trying to debunk the concept of a free lunch, the concept of anything free always seems to conjure up images of items whose cost is hidden/bundled into another.

The ‘free’ that I am talking about, is the freedom from expectations. My laughter is free, because it needs no acknowledgment to continue, my tears need no consolation to stop. My successes are free because they need no reward to succeed, my failures need no competition to repeat. My life needs no hope to survive, my soul needs not my body to exist.

This blog was my humble effort to spread the message of freedom, the spirit of freedom, to those still seeking rewards and recognition for their efforts. This blog is a plea to them, to recognise that their effort itself is the reward, and that there can be no greater one than that.










I am not a writer by profession, and hence the readers are requested to keep a few things in mind, before posting certain kinds of comments;

1) The objective of this blog is not to make as many posts as possible or compete for some silly blogger awards, so there will be very few, if hardly any, posts, which may be spread, over long periods of time, probably less than a post every few months.

2) I do not  subscribe to any archaic methods of writing styles, and hence you might quite often notice, the sentence framing/structuring to be ungrammatical, the sentences jumping from first person to second person/third person, active to passive, sometimes within the same paragraph. I follow only one style, something that I have found to be very effective, a conversant style. So even if you take the trouble of correcting me, I am not going to pay heed.

3) Quite often, the paragraphs, sentences may not seem cohesive to the complete picture in terms of continuity. That is because of two faults of mine, (a)parallel thinking (b)reluctance to edit. I usually start thinking on many threads of thought simultaneously, and hence type in whatever strikes, in the order the strike, rarely do I have the time and patience to wait for a more contiguous thought to write them down together. I also have a great dislike for correcting anything that I ever write down, I believe it spoils the natural spontaneity that the original thought had, and hence, even when I read the entire piece I refrain from correcting whatever apparent grammatical mistakes I spot, to maybe reassert my own fallibility to myself. So if you have noticed anything, it stays that way, because I might have noticed it myself. (This does not mean that I am not open to criticism, it only means that I am immune to criticism of my grammar)


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